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Digital Alchemy

Since being in digital alchemy I have learned a lot about the digital world more then I knew before. This course has opened my eyes to things that I never known to exist. They’re been assignment and in class activities that I’ve question because I’m like no way could you do this or that. However, those things comes from not knowing. So since I started learning about the things that digital alchemist do, I started to learn what you can do in the digital world.

There were a lot of things that interest me in this course. One of the classes that intriqued me the most was the redlining information and activity that we did. I was shock because I didn’t know with digital facts that we are judge by where we live and they count us out for certain loans. They have an overview on which areas are best and worst to give loans out to. Now I know that we are all judge by the color of our skin in certain places but I didn’t know they deined people certain loans because of where they live. Certain people get certain quality of life depending on where they live also. I’ve had a lot of favorite activities doing the course. One of my favorite projects to participate in was when we had to take pictures of items from a different dimension. The second one was when we focus on Selfie’s making . The third one was playing with Meme. I always wondered how people made them and I finally got to figure it out and make some of my own. Most of the things that I love about this class is the very thing I enjoy doing on a daily basis.

The digital life can be very diffcult if you’re not use to using the computer and exploring different forms of digital arts. The biggest challenge was setting up for my bot to be active. The process was very difficult  and I would’ve never survived the process without Hailey and Marisa oh and the help I recieved from Kelly. The assignment aggravated me but I relaxed once I got it together. I gain a lot of knowledge from each class. I gain the knowldge of meme making, the uses of GIF’s, understanding redlining, the uses and purposes of the gaming industry. The preparation of pictures when you take them at different angles. Another thing that was a challenge for me was the learning how to make GIF’s, I tired to do my best and that’s what I did. There were a lot of information to take in during the semester and I tired my best to keep up with it.

Furthermore, the skills and ideas that will stay with me is the redlining information. When I go to apply for certain things, I will always have in the back of my head are they judging me by where I live instead of the content of my character. I also no longer have to wonder where do they make memes because I now know how to apply myself when it comes generating one. One thing that I remember was at the beginning of the semester where we watch a video and the video showed how many people are doing what, where.. It just pop in my head so I’m writing about it LOL..To know you are being watched without knowing is crazy, weird and scary all at the same. For someone who is pondering taking this class, I will tell them, just have your computer ready and be ready to work and learn things that may be very awakard but informative. Have patient with certain tasks that you have to do and give it your best shot and if you happen to have a teacher like Alan he has awesome TA’s that are always willing to help and get you where you need to be.

Weekly blog link post~

dda”s Daily DA’s

Which me had to create 2 per week for 7 weeks. DDa’s are daily digital activities.

Net Nar Twitter Space You’ll see my twitter activity throughout the entire semester. The red dot represent me  and where I am on the twitter map

Net Nar Twitter Space

Below is where you’ll see my twitter interactions.  All of the cords that are connected to me is connected to the people I interacted with over the course of this semester. You will also see some of the tweets that I made out to some of my classmates. Or was it the BOT? LOL Bot Term

Net Nar Twitter interaction


Make Bank Reponses to my make bank!
Twitter snap shots, I can’t find the one from the beginning of the semester but I have the one from the end. I used twitter more than I did before because it was an requirement for class where I had to interact with a lot of my classmate for assignments.  However, I rememb me being very involve when we did the Bot assignment. You will start to question a lot of digital information that’s on the website. A short time after I learned about Bot, I saw one of my fb (Facebook) friends say he hope the sneaker bots on eBay didn’t get the sneakers that he wanted. I just was in shock because I’ll like how can a computerized bot secure a pair of sneakers, so it was very intreating.  Screenshot 2018-05-06 13.59.23




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