E Lit is life!

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The title of the article was called

Why E-Books and Kindles don’t innovate writing

This e-lit talks about different phases of E- poetry

Phase 1 December 20, 2011- September 1, 2013

E-Lit started as a daily blog and the editor was committed to reading and writing about a poem a day. Instead of the writing settling for a 100 word count they wrote about 250-300 word per poem. The person was faithfully to the daily constraint for 500 days in a row

Phase 2 September 1, 2013 -December 31, 2016

I loe E-Poetry was launch on WordPress, creating resources for readers and opening its blog up to guest

Phase 3 January 1, 2017

It was powered by a grant by the Puerto Rico brach of the NEH. I love poetry is on a mission yo expand its public outreach.

  • translation resources to Spanish
  • redesign its website
  • building resources for multiple audience , many for k-12 students , teachers, colleges, faculty
  • Coverage of electronic literature scholars and project around the world

e-lit tablet

I pick this E-Lit because I was introduce to an exact same method of poetry when I was introduce and took a class this semester called Advance Poetry Writing this semester. The Professor I had was Dr. Rich and she was very well into her craft. She was so into it that she wanted to embedded it into her students.  What she did was made us read a poem a day and write a response to it in these journals that she gave us. We had to pick a poet per month that we were in school and write about their poems. We didn’t have a word count like the I love Poetry E -lit did but we just had to write a response about what we think about the poem, sensory in the poem, like taste, touch see and hear. Did the poem have a story line, was it rhetorical and things of that nature.

So to read this e-lit was very good and to know that she’s not the only insane person in this world about poetry was amazing insane-7251






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