Bot or Not

Bot or Not?

Bot are things that comes from the computer basis machine and to be not a bot means the material comes from a actually person.

We played this game in class to see if we can see if the poemsbot or not poems were made from a bot or not. My results sucked the first time leaving me with a score out of 1/5 so I played again because I wasn’t satisfy with my results and got a 4/5… Yay me….

We went to another website to see what the results was about me being a Bot or not and the results rang in at 36% of me being a Bot.. Very disturbing but it’s cool. I know I’m real Results of me being a Bot or Not?


We created our own Bot that can communicate with our classmates or random people. This setup was a lil crazy but with the help of Kelly I survive the process of creating my Bot. My twitter app url is My twitter app

However the bot machine still gave me problems when setting it up in columns so I had to visit Haily and Merissa on my

“No Class Day”

to gain more clarity on how to fix my bot and get it up and running so it can tweet ou.t emojiMe and Merrisa fix the column problems but we ran into a nothing black wall because it wouldn’t let me send out a test tweet because they computer kept reading error but wasn’t telling us what it was.

So we had to figure out what the problems was because we was clueless as to why it wouldn’t work. Then Merssia came up the idea to regenerating the consumer key and secret and Wala it work. Once that process was over. I was able to let my bot tweet, tweet out. Happy Bot Tweeting!!!


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