Divided by Redline

The person that I had the questions for didn’t respond but my audio will be recorded down below. 

Clean water game

This week we learned about Redlining.. Redlining is the practice of denying services, either directly or through selectively raising prices, to residents of certain areas based on the racial or ethnic composition of those areas.

What I choose to observe through my redlining observation was the phone company that has cell towers available in my area . It really puzzles me how these type of things really goes on and how people allow it to happen. I can not believe that in this day and age that people are able to  deny people service because of where they decide to live. They do it in such a conniving way that people may not even know it. It make you thin will  really succeed in this world because of the color of my color, the cloths on my back and where I decide to lay my head whether if it’s my choice or not.   Cell Tower

People can only understand redlining if it’s introduce and explain to them because I didn’t know about it to my Professor taught me about…What redoing actually look like Redlining-5748ef623df78ccee1c809d2

This can be a game board because you can bye dice cubes. Shake them up and throw them across the surface and where ever you land will be the cell company that will be your providing. No matter  where you live and what you like you will have to deal with that cell phone company wherever your dice land. People will switch providers for the moment to see how it is to be under different companies like T-mobile, Version, AT&T, Simply Mobile and Sprint…GOOD LUCK!


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