Gifts or GiPhy

Daughter’s Audition 200w_d

This was when my daughter was six years old, we went to a audition to be on the  Disney Channel..These are a few pictures from when we were there. Before, between and after photos

I am having a very hard time trying to put memes and gif together that I just want to give up. Can anyone shed some light on how to do so. I missed one week of class and feel like I missed a few more because I am having such a hard time with  GIF.. Meme was fun and easy to create but GIF are very complicated. I am willing to redo my blog when I get more information on how to do it..


I see that GIFTs or GIphy can be very fun and entertaining when you don’t have to make them yourself. I rather just enjoy them than to make them.


I NEED HELP!!! HELP ME!!! I don’t like feeling lost……


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