Selfie Queenin Time!


A selfie (/sɛlf/)[1] is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a smartphone which may be held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They are for vanity usually flattering and made to appear casual. “Selfie” typically refers to self-portrait photos taken with the camera held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror, as opposed to those taken by using a self-timer or remote. Selfie Run Down 

Futhermore, I want to introduce you to a google and culture app that we used during this weeks class. It’s a app that will match your selfie with someone else but in art work form. The app is not always accurate but it’s fun to see what they come up with. It’s matches you with people that have very popular work.  Also, if you do didn’t poses or take your image from a different angle you will get different results. I will show you what a few of mine look like so that you can get a clear idea of what I’m talking about. You can also download it from any app store. The app is called Google Arts&Culture.

From the apple store you can click the link below

Apple~ Arts & Culture

From the google play store you can click on the link below

Google~ Arts & Culture

The images that match my selfie with art selfies from Arts&Culture,

These last two images is shot from a different angle which gave me different results

Selfies are images that we take of ourselves and they are apart of the present time and of the future. I only see them getting more creative as time pass and as technology grow. Technology has introduce us to a world of new ways to play with ours selfies. We can add filters, animal faces, food faces, add different colors to them, just to name a few. I love selfies, they are very fun to take and to play around with. I have over 256 of them in one folder called SELFIES. In class we talked about how selfies make us feel, why we take selfies, what’s the purpose behind them and why do captions on selfies may portray as someone else. As I can only speak of myself, taking selfies can be a way of life LOL.

I take SELFIES when

  • I’m bored,
  • when I’m not bored
  • When I’m out at an event with friends
  • When I want to capture my face with makeup
  • When I’m having fun
  • When I feel like this is a cute moment to take one
  • When I’m happy, in a playful mode

I just loved them, they are an in the moment type of image. I’m just always ready to take one. Down below you will find many selfies of myself. So lets go on a SELFIE tour with me.

This photo was taken in church ⛪ with no filter, just my cute little Selfie

This Selfie was taken when I was laying in the bed with makeup 💄 🎨 on. 

This selfie was taking at work while I was at my desk, with an animal filter, its selfie with pig 🐷 ears”animal filter

This selfie was taking at a cute moment with a flower 🌸 filter

This selfie was taken at a bored moment 💕

These Selfie were taken straight from my iPhone using the Snapchat app..Their camera are is so much better than the one my iPhone 6 has. As you can see selfie are a way of life when it comes to. I show you hundreds of selfie but I’ll just give you my recent 5 in my phone. Now that I have given you a selfie queenin tour, let me know what you think!!!


One thought on “Selfie Queenin Time!

  1. You had me at the all caps in the opening.

    Yes, I can see you are well versed and practicing in selfies, and that, i am inferring, there is a sense of play, and jpy worth it to you to share.

    I’m wondering though maybe about digging deeper into the meaning for you. Beyond resemblance, which it seems to do well, with th Arts and Culture app, do these matches mean anything? Did you investigate the paintings to understand more of the subject. And also, while at first glance the matches are pretty close (like the Filipino Street art one), do you think we convince ourselves more of a match? And why do you think this app is popular.

    Likewise, with the selfies you do share; what are you communicating? What would you like people to think when they see your images? What are some differences in public and private sharing.

    But yes, you are quite the QUEEN. And you have fun it, nothing at all wrong with that.

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