Memes Happened

Memes are awesome visuals to use and a great way to express yourself. It’s more fulfilling then using words and they are a great way to get your point across rather thing using a plain image then adding a caption to it.What makes meme so popular is the fact that people across the world can relate to them. We relate to the meme because we’ve came across that very image that came from our favorite and popular tv shows, movie or from our culture. We understand what that meme is saying without it saying the very exact thing it once originally said. We can simply relate to meme and it gives you a greater laugh then a boring post which is the reason why their so popular.

  • I defiantly think meme are a form of digital art because you use technology to create them. You can take a look at a few meme that I love which are digitally made.


  • Netnarr was a pain in my neck but I’m growing to love it so when I hear people complain about it, I want to give them this type of reaction. You should use Netnarr more often

Boss Life!>>>Who you gone FIRE~YAnetnarr

Nosedive was a very intresting episode to watch. It makes you look at social media and life in a new way. It shows you how, catch up in the world we can be with the likes and comments that we receive from others. It shows you how technology and social media plays into people daily life. I also think social media and technology is taking up a huge part of people time within a day.  People don’t know who their are beyond social media. I think they only have the self esteem that they do because of the likes and love that they receive from these sites; I.e Instagram , Facebook, twitter and snapchat just to name a few. This sites can be validating to some, promotion worthy for some, branding for others. I guess it depends on how you use it but that’s my general opinion what nosedive showed me and what reality is in this present time. 4.8 Please~~~~Nosedive Meme


One of my favorite meme. You can be anything in the world but out of all things to be your rather be SALTY (bitter). HAHAHA

DDa150 Bones Meme, Give me a break~~~~~ DDa150 Bones Meme

Alan Réponse~~~Alan Meme Response

Memes love and I’m meme enough netnarr5but its really fun to create!!Meme Love


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