My Perception

Class was very interesting this week, digital art was the main focus so I decided to come home and find some digital art images and get a clear understanding what digital art really is. 

Digital art~ is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process.

alchemy 2Rise above it

In a world where they expect women to drown we fix our crowns and rising above the unexpected.


Down below you will find pictures of my own digital art that I created or ones that I found online.


This picture was inspired by our twitter safari that we had to do in class as an netnarr activity. We had to take a picture of something from an unusual angle. This is my daughter’s car from an unusual angle.  #digitalart affordable for my child but not unaffordable for me. Yea, life is great!!!


Twitter safari where we had to take a picture of tracks of another person’s. My story would be, not to follow my tracks but to create your own in hopes that you can help someone else create theirs. #digitalart Tracks of another person


Twitter safari of a single color shot. This picture communicates freedom to me, it reminds me of the ocean. It makes me feel alive and brings a sense of happiness to my being. #aqua

Being a digital alchemist is helping me connect with the digital world in a way that I’ve never experience before. I am learning about what “digital” means in all aspect, from looking at digital images, creating digital media and looking at others digital work. I had to define what digital was even though I knew what it was, just to have a better understanding of what it means to be digital. I’m being introduce to new digital apps and digital sites that is contributing to me being a digital alchemist. As the weeks go by I’m am getting a little more better as what is means to be a digital alchemist.  Anybody wants to welcome me to RELIEF  “LOLrelief


4 thoughts on “My Perception

  1. Yes, I am seeing much growth in your use of media and writing, and also that you are doing much to try new technologies.

    I do appreciate that you are sharing the links to the source of the images you are using; most students, and for that matter most people, just grab images and do not give credit to the person who shared it. U would like to see however, if you can find the source of the image- the link to the google search result does not do that.

    For example, the image of the tracks in the sand, which is a great choice by you to illustrate what you are writing about– in fact, I’d like to know even more about why you chose that image. But when you follow the link you get to s story in a New Zealand web site about tracking, but they are not the creator of the image.. you have to dig further back to find this as the source

    Great work Patrice over all!


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