Olia Ialina

  • Title of Art Work~~~~~ My Boyfriend came back from the War
  • Artist name(s)~~~ Olia Ialina 
  • When published~~~ 1996
  • Technologies used~~GIF animations, GIF images , HTML 
  • Current URL (if still available online)~~~~ http://www.teleportacia.org/war/
  • Link to WIkibook page (in Wayback Machine)~~~WikiBookOilaLialina
  • A brief summary, not just copied from the book (quotes are okay, but write your own analysis of the piece)~~~~ Olia Ialina was born on May 4, 1971 in Moscow Russia. She is a pioneering Internet artist and theorist, an experimental film and video critic and curator. Her biggest piece was My Boyfriend came back from the War which has been remix by other media artist. Her work utilize many programs like flash, real audio, powerpoint and video. In terms of technology it was ahead of it’s time. MBCBFTW is a love story told through through a early version of electronic literature. Her use of technology predated modern new media by three decades. MBCBFTW looks the same as it did in 1996 and still exists online 
  • Screenshots if available~~  olia2olia3.JPG
  • Information on where the artist is now~~~~ Moscow Russia 

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