Everybody’s Watching

Brett and Dr. Zumara was very interesting as we talked to him on google hangout. We discuss the do not track videos that we’ve watch so far. I’ve learned that Brett makes skateboard films which was his very first thing to produce and he loves the internet. I remember someone mentioning privacy is a RARE thing and I must agree that it really is. It’s hard to ignore your favorite item you just got finish looking at and didn’t by, without being tempted by an ad from your social media pages encouraging you just to get it. For example, I can be shopping online at a store, then when I finish with that site and go on one of my social media pages, I will see them advertising the same exact item I just got finish looking at.  The link below may give you father clarification as to why these things happen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I really need clarity with everything because I feel like it’s just a bunch of things that are being thrown my way with little to no understand on how to do it.  So my face is like ~~~~~~Confused..






2 thoughts on “Everybody’s Watching

  1. The whole concept of algorithms tracking and following us from site to site (via cookies and more) is always alarming, and eerie when you notice it, as if someone is outside the house, watching you from every window, taking notes. The more we know and make that visible, the more likely we are to find ways to mitigate the experience. Some we have to live with, if we are online. Some, we can stop or at least, filter.


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