Network Narrative

When I first got to this class I was completely nervous. My hair was in the air, I was bitting my nails “per usual” and my nervous were everywhere. When I first receive the class syllabus via email, I’m like what in the world is going on in this class “LOL”(laughing out loud). What almost gave me a nervous break down was that I found out that you were a virtual teacher and there was no fair warning before hand. Then I started to notice all the sites and blogs that we had to create and was in complete shock because most of them were new to me expect twitter, so I felt very confused and a little overwhelm. I just knew I was going to drop this class after my first class, but come to find out it wasn’t so bad after all and I was eager to stay. However, once I got to class and was able to connect with the professor I began to feel a little more comfortable.

Once  you clarify what was your expectations of your students I began to feel at ease like I can accomplish everything that you were asking of me so far “LOL”. You reassure me that everything wasn’t what I was making it out to be in my head and that things were going to be okay. I like the fact that you took my nervousness about this course serious, it made me feel even more comfortable. It made me want to stay and learn about digital alchemy and network because I have no clue what it’s about. What really excites me is that we will be working with students from across the country and I get to hangout with grad students because I can really learn from them and ask them questions about my future options. I also like that you will be opening my brain to something that I’ve never done before like netnarr and Another thing that excited me are the twitter post, they are cute and intriguing to me. What worries me is meeting my contract of an A because it looks like a lot but again I could be over thinking it like before.

As of right now I can’t think of no questions I would like to ask you but would you be present for each class “LOL”. Moreover, I have a lot of experiences with connecting with people. Whether it be in-person, FaceTime or via the internet( Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter) . I love connecting with others and meeting new people. I myself is a people’s person so engaging with people is my forfeit unless I feel a weird enegry coming from them. So I hope that this class will be enjoyable and  that I can at least take one new thing that I learned from this course and carry it with me.


2 thoughts on “Network Narrative

  1. You are now a digital alchemist, with a new blog that is connected to Netnarr. I am glad to hear that you like connecting to people, I could sense that from our first in class conversations.

    Now we are ready for some big alchemy! Are you?


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